Founders Factory is a new model,
so you probably have some questions.

Do you just build things for your partners?

Unlike other incubators, we don’t just build things our investors tell us to: we're not an agency. We believe that if we uncover the right opportunity, and leverage the right assets from our partners — be that data sets or customers — we can give our businesses a head start.

What happens to concepts after you work on them?

There’s 3 core phases to our incubation process: Concept > Build > Spinout. Build is where a dedicated team take the project on for a 6 month period to develop out the initial MVP. After that, a new company is incorporated and the team either ‘spins out’ with it, or new members join to form the founding team. If you’re interested in joining one of our businesses, take a look at our open roles.

I have an idea! Can I build it with you?

If you have a great idea, a team, and the beginnings of a product, we’d love to see you apply to our Accelerator programme. Due to the nature of tight collaboration with our partners, we don’t solicit external ideas for our Incubator programme.

I don't have a degree or any formal education or training, is that OK?

We don't care about degrees – just make sure your work speaks for itself.

What do I need to apply?

Please have a portfolio or body of work that you can share and are comfortable talking about.